Intelligent Camera

HiHope intelligent camera, based on the integrated development platform of AI intelligent camera, uses HiHope AI development engine, supports mainstream deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, etc. Achieves the functions of face detection, pose recognition, motion capture, feature detection, etc., and provides product solutions of multi scenarios and multi forms including gun and ball cameras.

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Intelligent Robot

HiHope intelligent camera, based on the ROS intelligent robot integrated development platform, uses the independent research and development of HiHope robot engine, integrates sensor system, travel system, radar system, vision system, to achieve walking, obstacle avoidance, navigation, automatic path planning and other functions.

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Intelligent Car

HiHope intelligent car, covers car cloud big data (analysis of existing vehicle data,based on the general data platform and algorithm platform), TBox (based on 4G network,achieves vehicle information upload / remote control , and based on 5G network,implements the scenarios of high broadband and low delay such as penetrate preceding vehicles), vehicular gateway (vehicle Ethernet is the backbone network, which integrates traditional vehicle CAN, LIN and FlexRay protocols, and can be configured with domain devices),Automatic driving (basic data service / vehicle modification / isomerization general automatic driving platform),vehicle design (vehicle simulation benchmarking analysis platform, vehicle body / chassis, general layout and other related body design) and other comprehensive solutions.

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Please feel free to contact us about product selection, technical support and media cooperation.

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