Pegasus IoT Developer Kit

The design of Pegasus IoT developer Kit is based on HiSilicon Hi3861 chipset. The kit contains a wealth of functional boards and module accessories , 

and can achieve a variety of application scenarios via the combination of components, such as LED experiment of IOT control, 

buzzer experiment, temperature and humidity sensor experiment, data acquisition experiment of photosensitive resistance sensor, 

network communication protocol experiment, cloud control experiment of IoT end, and experiment of recycling station. 

Openocd JTAG debugging tool is configured in the suite to facilitate developers to quickly debug experimental cases.


Product Highlights

Application Scenarios

Product Parameters


Highly integrated 2.4GHz WiFi chipset based on HiSilicon Hi3861

Integrate high-performance 32bit microprocessor, hardware security engine and rich peripheral interfaces
Communication Capability

Support TPC, automatic rate, weak interference immunity and other reliable communication algorithms in complex environment

Networking Capability

Support 256 node mesh networking

Support 20MHz standard bandwidth and 5MHz/10MHz narrow bandwidth, providing a maximum physical layer rate of 72.2Mbit/s

Network Capability

Support IPv4 /IPv6 /DHCPv4 /DHCPv6 Client /Server/DNS Client /mDNS /CoAP /MQTT /HTTP /JSON

Integrated IEEE 802.11b/g/n baseband and RF circuits

WiFi baseband supports orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)

Safety Capability

Support AES128/256 encryption and decryption/HASH-SHA256/HMAC_SHA256/RSA

Support ECC signature verification algorithm

True random number generation meets FIPS140-2 random test standard

Support TLS/DTLS acceleration

Internal integration of EFUSE, secure storage, secure boot, hardware ID

Integrated MPU features. Support memory isolation features

Development Environment

Support LiteOS and third-party components, and can cooperate with HUAWEI Hi-Link

Customer Support and Cooperation

Please feel free to contact us about product selection, technical support and media cooperation.

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