High cost performance Wi-Fi & Bluetooth dual mode SOC module

Supports standard 802.11 b/g/n protocol, built-in complete TCP/IP protocol stack,

 integrated Bluetooth baseband processor, supports BT/BLE4.2 protocol,

 adopts SMD package, and can achieve rapid production via standard SMT equipment, providing customers with high reliability connection mode

Especially suitable for automation, large-scale, low-cost modern production mode, easy to apply to a variety of IoT hardware terminal occasions

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Product Highlights

Application Scenarios

Product Parameters



WinnerMicro W800 Chipset

32-bit XT804 processor, working frequency 240mhz, built-in DSP, floating point unit and security engine

Operating SystemSupport HarmonyOS、FreeRTOS


2MB Flash,288KB RAM

UART5-channel UART high speed interface

2-channel 16 bit SD-ADC, the highest sampling rate is 1KHz

I2C1 I2C controller
GPIOSupports up to 18 GPIO
PWM5-channel PWM interface
I2S1-channel Duplex I2S controller
Wi-FiSupports GB15629.11-2006,IEEE802.11 b/g/n


Supports Station、Soft-AP、Soft-AP/Station 

Wi-Fi Transmitting Power

802.11b:19±2 dBm (@DSSS 1Mbps)

802.11g:14±2 dBm (@OFDM 54Mbps) 

802.11n:12±2 dBm (@OFDM,MCS7,HT20

Wi-Fi Receiving Parameters

CCK,1 Mbps:-93dBm

CCK,11 Mbps:-87dBm

OFDM,54 Mbps:-73dBm


BTIntegrated Bluetooth baseband processor / protocol processor, support BT/BLE dual-mode working mode, support BT/BLE4.2 protocol
Bluetooth Transmitting PowerBLE Power control range:-10~12dBm,Typical value 6dBm

BT Power control range:-10~8dBm,Typical value 0dB

Bluetooth Receiving Parameter

BLE Sensitivity:-94 dBm@30.8% PER

BT Sensitivity:-88 dBm@0.01% BER

Power ManagementSupports power management of Wi-Fi energy saving mode

Supports work, sleep, standby, power off mode

Safety Features

Hardware encryption module:RC4256、AES128、DES/3DES、

SHA1/MD5、CRC32、2048 RSA

True random number generator

Power Consumption (Typical Value)Continuous launch:240mA@11b 1Mbps

Continuous reception:95m

Power Supply RangeSupply voltage 3.0V ~ 3.6V

Supply current >300mA

Working Temperature

-20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ 

Storage Environment

-40 ℃ ~ 90 ℃,< 90%RH

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