HiSpark AI Camera Developer Kit

Hispark AI Camera is based on HUAWEI Hisilicon Hi3516DV300 chip, supports Linux, LiteOS、HarmonyOS,

and achieves image acquisition,recognition, dual screen display, two-way voice, infrared night vision and other functions.

 It is widely used in intelligent camera, security monitoring, vehicle recorder, etc.


Product Highlights

Application Scenarios

Product Parameters


Based on Hisilicon Smart HD IP Camera SOC: Hi3516DV300

Dual core cortex-a7 MP2 @ 900MHz processor

Integration of new generation ISP and high performance nnie engine, 1.0tops
Operating SystemSupports Linux OS, Lite OS and Harmony OS
Communication Interface

1 set of DDRC, maximum supports 32bit/2GB processing space. Standard products configurate 1GB DDR3, maximum data rate of 1.8Gbps

eMMC4.5, maximum support 4bit/64 GB storage space. Standard products support 8 GB

External expansion of SD storage interface, maximum supports 2TB SDXC card
Functional Characteristics

Low power Wi-Fi wireless communication

Ethernet communication, RMII mode

Type C interface, supports USB2.0 + 1.2m Type C debugging cable
Debug Interface

JTAG interface
UART0 debug interface + 1m serial port adapter

100m network port debugging
Video and Graphic Processing


Sony high-end security low illumination sensor IMX335: 5.04m pixels, maximum  resolution 2592 (H) x1944 (V), 60fps frame rate

Starlight level black light low illumination M12 lens: F1.6 large aperture, 1/2.7

"imaging target, 3.6mm focal length High precision photosensitive detection, infrared complementary light + IR-cut  infrared night vision function


H.265 video compression coding output graphics and video 1/15 ~ 16x scaling

Image 90°/180°/270° rotation

Microhdmi interface output high definition image quality, maximum resolution  1080p60

Compatible with 4 " and 5.5" LCD/TP display

Audio CharacteristicsThe monophonic electret surface mounted mic, and the differential input mic interface is reserved synchronously
2030 cavity full band horn, with 1.25 spacing terminal, position can be adjusted freely
Function Extension

Buzzer, two-color indicator, double prompt function

2-Channel custom keys, I2C, UART, GPIO, PWM, ADC analog acquisition, etc., supports NFC module, 5G module, steering gear and other extensions

Reserved algorithm encryption IC

3C safety certification, with switch keys, high reliability Type C interface 5V/3A power adapter

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