HiHope attended HarmonyOSPioneer Technology Salon

2020-10-26 18:42:46

On October 24, HarmonyOSPioneer Technology Salon was successfully held in Shenzhen Open Source Valley.


As the first official Technology Salon of HarmonyOS, this activity has been widely concerned and enthusiastically participated by developers. Nearly 100 developers attended the meeting and had face-to-face technical exchanges and case discussions with technical experts including Xu Siwei, a software expert of Jiangsu HopeRun Software, and a pioneer of HarmonyOScourse.

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One of the main purposes of the birth of the high-profile HarmonyOS2.0 operating system is to solve the problem of software and hardware separation. Based on the distributed ability of HarmonyOSsystem, it can adapt to a variety of terminal forms, so as to achieve the seamless integration of IoT devices and bring a better full scene intelligent experience for the era of IoT. Since the appearance of HDC Conference on September 10, it have received warm attention and response from partners and developers.


As one of the first batch of official partners, HopeRun Software HiHope community has always been committed to the practical application of HarmonyOSin hardware development. It has accumulated rich practical experience and formed a unique product development idea.

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In this activity, HiHope software expert Xu Siwei shared a case with the title of "Open Harmony IoT Device Development", explained in detail the development of temperature and humidity sensor driver and the transplantation of OLED screen driver, and answered the questions of on-site developers.

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At Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020), HiHope launched the official development kit that fully supports HarmonyOS2.0 - HiSpark series intelligent hardware: HiSpark Wi Fi IOT smart home development kit, HiSpark AI camera development kit, HiSpark IPC DIY development kit, which are independently developed by the HiHope technical team. Since HiSpark series of intelligent hardware came out, it has attracted the attention of many HarmonyOS developers and become a hot topic of discussion in major R & D communities. The case analysis of HiHope at this salon, is not only the experience summary of cooperative research and development, but also a high-quality course sharing.

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