Jointly build HarmonyOS open source ecosystem——Hihope was invited to participate in "HarmonyOS hardware Ecological Cooperation Forum"

2020-12-7 16:52:53

On December 4, the 7th China IoT Conference 2020 with the theme of "new infrastructure, Internet of things" was held in Shenzhen. As one of the main links, the "HarmonyOS Hardware Ecological Cooperation Forum" hosted by Huawei consumer BG software open source center was held at the same time, attracting many people in the industry to actively participate.


Focusing on "Building ecosystem and sharing the future", the forum invited senior technical experts and partners of HarmonyOS ecological expansion of Huawei to tell the participants about the new features, new experiences and new progress of HarmonyOS ecological construction, as well as how HarmonyOS enables industry partners to build a new ecosystem of service and share a new win-win future.

Jiangsu HopeRun Software Co., Ltd., as the first official partner of HarmonyOS, was invited to participate in the forum. Shi Wanlin, marketing director of HopeRun HiHope, shared the theme of "Joint efforts of HopeRun to build open source ecological practice experience of HarmonyOS" at the forum.


Director Shi Wanlin introduced HopeRun’s practical experience in building HarmonyOS ecosystem from two aspects of "South/North cooperation between HopeRun  and HarmonyOS". As one of the first ecological co builders of HarmonyOS and the pioneer of full scene intelligent ecology, HopeRun  took the lead in releasing Hispark series intelligent hardware supporting HarmonyOS 2.0 in the industry, which attracted the attention of many R & D teams and individual developers and put into development practice. At the level of enabling developers, HopeRun team not only opened a HarmonyOS column in the official forum, set up a developer technical support community and published a series of technical articles to give developers all-round R & D support, but also launched the system's direct broadcast/video course on the platforms of E-enthusiasts, 51CTO and station B, and provided course materials to systematize, visualize and sustain the R & D support; In combination with online and offline channels, it launched a wealth of development activities, invited and organized developers to actively participate, and promoted the vigorous development of HarmonyOS community ecology.

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