HiHope launched Neptune, a series of IoT modules of HarmonyOS, to help HarmonyOS Ecological construction

2020-12-30 16:31:35

On December 30, at the 2020 (17th) China IoT Industry Conference, HopeRun Software, the first official partner of HarmonyOS, announced the launch of a new intelligent hardware product -- Neptune (hh-slnpt10x), a series of IoT modules supporting HarmonyOS. The chips used in this series of modules are led by the HiHope team of HopeRun Software to complete the adaptation of the HarmonyOS system. This is the second time that HiHope launched the HarmonyOS intelligent hardware after HDC 2020 released the official hardware Hispark of HarmonyOS 2.0.


Neptune (HH-slnpt10x) module supports HarmonyOS and FreeRTOS, which can easily access the HarmonyOS ecosystem and provide customers with innovative experience of HarmonyOS. It can be widely used in smart home appliances, smart home, smart toys, wireless audio and video, industrial control, medical monitoring and other Internet of things fields.


Neptune (HH-slnpt10x) module adopts SMD package, which can realize the rapid production of products through standard SMT equipment, and provide customers with high reliability connection mode. It is especially suitable for the modern production mode of automation, large-scale and low cost, and helps customers to conveniently apply in various hardware terminal occasions of IoT.

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