HiHope Smart Home Solutions Won the "Top 10 IoT Solutions Award"

2021-1-5 9:24:31

On December 30, the 2020 (17th) China IoT industry conference and brand grand meeting, jointly sponsored by Huicong Internet of things and Huicong electronic network, was held in Guangzhou. HopeRun software HiHope smart home solutions won the "Top Ten IoT Solutions Award" in the "IoT + security" industry top ten brands selection activity.


HiHope smart home solution, represented by Hispark Wi-Fi IoT smart home suite, is the first official customized smart hardware for HarmonyOS launched by HopeRun software. Based on Hisilicon Hi3861 chip, the suite is a highly integrated 2.4GHz Wi Fi SOC chip, which integrates IEEE 802.11b/g/n baseband and and RF (radio frequency) circuit, and supports open Harmony / Huawei Liteos and third-party components support non inductive distribution network, Mesh ad hoc network, etc., its transmitting power and receiving sensitivity are generally 2-3dB better than the industry's classic indicators; its networking capability is flexible, the number of connecting nodes is 200 +, the path is real-time optimized, it has the characteristics of integrating a variety of security capabilities, hardware encryption, supporting a variety of encryption protocols, it can connect a variety of ecology, support multi case combination, and can be widely used It is suitable for smart home such as white power, small household appliances and electricians.


The award of "Top 10 IoT solutions" fully confirms the market and users' acceptance and recognition of HiHope high-performance products and solutions. HiHope will always adhere to its original intention, take domestic chips as the core, carry out research and development around chips, terminals and applications through big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and provide IoT and intelligent professional solutions for customers in chip, complete machine, wearable device, smart home, Internet of things and other industries.

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