HiHope intelligent vision solution was selected into the "Best Product / Solution List" of AIoT industry ceremony 2020

2021-1-7 17:34:44

On January 7, 2021, the "AIoT Industry Ceremony 2020" hosted by IoT and AIoT Industry Research Institute was held in Beijing. The event released the 2021 IoT Panoramic Map Report / 5G Industry Panoramic Map Report and the 2020 series list award. At the awards ceremony of industry ceremony 2020, HopeRun Software HiHope intelligent vision solution was selected as the Best Product / Solution List of "AIoT Industry Leader Series List".




AIoT Industry Ceremony 2020, invited leaders from the Ministry of industry and information technology, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and representatives of industry lead enterprises to gather together to analyze projects and cases with benchmarking significance, summarize the achievements and successful experiences of industry implementation in 2020, and deduct the development trend of industry in 2021.




With its powerful measurement ability, outstanding security performance and wide range of application scenarios, HopeRun Software HiHope intelligent vision solution was selected as the Best Product/Solution List of "AIoT Industry Leader Series List" at the award ceremony of 2020 annual industry ceremony. At the same time, Huawei cloud, Baidu, Lenovo and other enterprises have won the honor.


HiHope intelligent vision solutions provide customers with cost-effective intelligent hardware and intelligent vision algorithms. It includes intelligent hardware such as smart card camera, pan tilt camera, gun camera, ball camera, monocular and binocular face brushing terminal, as well as professional intelligent vision algorithms such as motion detection, human shape detection, face recognition, mask detection, posture detection such as falling to the ground, binocular live detection, vehicle shape detection, license plate recognition, animal detection, boundary crossing and area intrusion detection. This solution integrates front-end intelligence, edge computing, IoT gateway, security sensor and cloud and client applications, supports real-time monitoring of cloud platform data, supports customers to customize various parameters, and provides customers with efficient scenario intelligent solutions and innovative interactive experience. The solution can be widely used in smart construction site, smart campus, smart community, consumption system, building access control, company attendance, airport station security check, community access control and other scenarios.



To accelerate the layout of scientific and technological innovation in the AIoT era, HiHope is striving to integrate the AIoT concept into modern life, continuously improve production capacity and service efficiency, so as to open up the infinite imagination space of intelligent IoT, realize more possibilities of artificial intelligence in the application level, and embark on the next innovation journey of AIoT with the new smart city and new infrastructure.

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